Scholars have two class periods each day.  One of those classes is STEM, and the other is REACH.

STEM:  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The STEM class period is a combination of Math and Science instruction.  Teachers work to integrate content standards when possible.  Scholars are involved in hands-on projects connecting standards from both Math and Science while working cooperatively with their peers.

REACH: Reading English to Analyze Culture and History

The REACH class period is a combination of Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies.  Teachers integrate these subjects as scholars read about historical people and events while working to master Reading and Language Arts standards.  Scholars are also involved in cooperative and individual projects combining standards from each content area.

The projects that bring all subjects together are what makes this program different.  By partnering with local businesses and colleges, scholars complete Project-Based Learning assignments.  Using real-world situations from local businesses and open-ended questions, scholars solve problems and create solutions to those situations.  The goal is for scholars to see how the skills they are learning in class relate to career opportunities they will have within our community. T
hese projects incorporate collaboration, time management, critical thinking, problem solving and public speaking. The Innovation Academy has PBL Events where businesses and families have the opportunity to hear project presentations and scholars receive feedback from the host businesses.
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